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    Like the state of California, higher education institutions in the United States appear, based on...
    February 27, 2020
    Part of why the fight for COLA is so important is that this overlaps in important ways with the...
    February 27, 2020
    The first day of our grading strike is here, and it's as exciting and nerve-wracking as the first...
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  • About

    Learn about the COLA movement at UC Davis

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    COLA Organizers

    We are all COLA organizers. The UC Davis COLA organizers are drawn from various places across our campus by the shared belief that we deserve to be able to live where we work.

    Besides taking action in solidarity and support for our comrades at UCSC, we are making a UCD-specific movement to also demand a COLA, since the issues that affect UCSC affects all of us here at UC Davis. We want everyone to come and build a collective vision!

    List of Demands

    Our material situation is untenable. The responsibility lies squarely with the UC administration. We write to them with the following demands:

    1. A Cost of Living Adjustment.*** (Details included below)
    2. Drop all charges against students and workers arrested at UCSC and UCI for their involvement in the COLA strike and organizing activity.
    3. Cease all efforts of retaliation against striking ASEs.
    4. End threats of deportation against international and undocumented students.
    5. Create enough affordable housing for all students, including students with dependents, and provide accessible housing for disabled students.
    6. Disarm the UC Davis Police Force.
    7. Invest in safeguarding the future of the UC Davis Ethnic Studies program by increasing tenure faculty lines and full-time staff, and committing to funding programming to support Indigenous students and students of color.
    8. Divest endowment funds from policing, surveillance, militarization, and occupation, specifically in alignment with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israeli apartheid.

    ***A Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is to be understood as an ongoing stipend to every graduate student that would bring them out of rent burden. At current rates, in Yolo County, this amounts to $1,553.20 per month.

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    Other Campus COLA Campaigns

    Campus Websites:

    Social Media:
    UC Davis: Twitter | Instagram
    UC Santa Cruz: Twitter | Instagram
    UCLA: Twitter | Instagram
    UCSB: Twitter | Instagram
    UCSD: Twitter | Instagram
    UC Berkeley: Twitter | Instagram
    UC Irvine: Twitter | Instagram
    UC Riverside: Twitter | Instagram
    UC Merced: Twitter
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  • Data Visualization

    Take a look and explore the rent burden for TAs on your campus.

    Link to Data Visualization Page

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    This data visualization allows you to compare the average 1 bedroom rent cost in your area with the average wage of a TA from 2011-Present.

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